From 235 to 142!

I owe it all to my Super-Charged Tea!

Becky Williams, 
Writer for The Healthy Habits

This simple tweak to my morning Tea changed my entire outlook on life by giving me more vitality!

at 235

It isn’t easy to share my story because much of it is embarrassing.  But I have had help from so many people to get where I am today, that I just have to pass it on.

I hope what I am about to share can be one of those life changing moments for anyone reading this, just like it was for me. 

After years of taking care of my family and friends and not taking care of myself, I had hit rock bottom physically and emotionally.

As much as I hated the way people looked at me and the way I must have looked to them on the outside, it was how I felt on the inside that made me so unhappy. 

I didn’t (and often couldn’t) enjoy the activities that had always made me happy. I didn’t have the energy, the stamina, the enthusiasm, or the self confidence for anything.
Worst of all I was no fun for anyone to be around because of my lack of vitality and often just plain bad attitude about life.

I hadn’t weighed myself in years because I didn’t want to see the proof of what I already knew.

I had let myself go for so long, I was afraid that there was no way to get back to the old me. The me who was always there for my husband, my kids, and our friends when they needed me.

My grandkids had never seen that side of me and I vowed that I would change myself and become the Nana that they deserved.

When I did summon up the courage to step on the scale, I saw 2-3-5 staring back at me.

Even though I knew what to expect, I couldn’t keep it together. I was sobbing uncontrollably.

Once I had pulled myself together, I committed right then and there that I was going to do whatever it took to get back to my old self.

And here is what I learned that changed my life...

Losing weight was easier than I thought.

I tried walking outside, walking inside, workout apps, and diet apps.  I tried diet pills, every diet plan you have ever heard of (and plenty more that you haven’t heard of).  I counted carbs, counted calories, joined in person groups, and Facebook groups. 

Anything and everything  that promised weight loss, I was all in. 

I was searching desperately for something I could use to be healthier and still be able to enjoy life.  But I didn't want to starve myself or run myself ragged.  

I love my special times like my weekly dinner date with my husband.  Like sampling the special birthday meals that I have always made for our family and friends.  Those are among the things that bring me the greatest joys and I didn't want to give them up.

Still, I kept trying every slimming strategy I could find looking for one that actually worked for me!

After all of my discipline and hard work, I had lost a grand total of...19 lbs. 

I was getting discouraged, almost to the point of giving up entirely. But, my determination to succeed for those who loved me wouldn’t let me quit. 

There was a voice inside me that kept saying that the solution was out there, I just need a little more time to find it.  And what I did find makes me so glad that I didn't give up!

Little could I have known  while waiting at our favorite restaurant for my husband to arrive for our weekly dinner date that my life was about to change, forever.  I was about to discover the answer to all of my searching.

I noticed that our young waiter was giving a little more attention to the lady a few tables over from me than he was to his other customers. 

I could hear them laughing and flirting each time he went back to check on her.   

When she got up to leave, I took a long look.  She looked familiar, but… it couldn’t be! Then she saw me and came toward my table and called me by name, It was her!—Joanne, a friend of mine from school that I hadn’t seen in years. 

I got up and gave her a big hug and it hit me HARD.   Here we had graduated from high school together but someone who didn’t know us would have thought she was at least 20 years younger than me. 

She was so trim and toned! It had been several years since I had seen her, but she hardly resembled the way I remembered her. 

As we tallked, she told me about what she had going on, how she was still working full time, had several hobbies, and was spending as much time with her grandkids as she could get. 

It seemed she had that vitality and stamina that I had lost years ago as my weight continued to balloon. And her inner glow was so obvious!

She knew something I didn't.

I finally got the courage to ask her. “You look so great and have so much energy,” I said “What have you done to get yourself in such great shape?  And how do you find the time to do it with your busy life?"

I continued, "I have been trying so hard for so long to lose weight. You must be doing something right because things have changed so much for you since the last time I saw you…”   

She stopped me. 

“We don’t have the time to go through everything I tried.”  She said.

“But, once I found this secret to staying fit and healthy, my pounds, and my feelings of helplessness started to disappear.   And, my energy and confidence went through the roof!”

"All I do is drink what I call my Super Tea every day" she said with a huge smile on her face.

"What is a Super Tea?!? "I asked her.

                                                 at 142

"Well it's actually my normal tea, what makes it “Super” is what I add to it." she said

 "What is it that you add?" I asked. I was desperate to know... 

Just then, my husband walked in and joined us at our table.

After I re-introduced the two of them we made a little small talk.  Then, she glanced at her watch realized that she was late to go pick up her grandkids who were staying over with her. “I’m so sorry, she said, but I need to run…” 

“But you never answered my question about what you add to your tea!” I replied.  I just had to know!

"Tell you what," Joanne said, " I will text you the secret after I put my grandkids to bed this evening.  We hugged our goodbye and she left.

I was so excited about seeing what she was going to send me that I couldn't concentrate on anything other than what her secret could be.

 Sure enough later that night, she texted me a link that explained her Super Simple Tea Trick

I clicked on the link and watched as it explained the details of her Tea Trick.

Just as important to me, the video explained Why and How it works!

After I watched the video, I took action and it has changed my life. I want to help you create a healthier life as well by sharing what I learned from Joanne.

Watch The Video That Reveals Everything!

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